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Black Diamond Outreach (BDO) prides itself in high quality outreach for all campaigns we are involved in. Whether for petition drives to get a candidate on the ballot, general candidate and issue education, or the final push to ensure the candidate is elected, we work through all stages of the campaign with the same attention to detail and professionalism. Here are some of the steps we take to go above and beyond.

Hiring Locally: Hiring locally is always a priority to bring the local community feel to the campaign. BDO has extensive experience recruiting and training new employees from within a targeted area that best benefits the campaign.

Canvasser Profile: BDO’s canvassers are well informed and tend to be ages 20-35 with a keen sense of the importance of face-to-face conversations. BDO hires professional outreach canvassers who have door-to-door canvass experience. All of BDO’s canvassers are held to an extremely high standard with regard to communication skills and appearance.

Background Checks & Screening Process: BDO understands the importance of having quality individuals delivering a message. For this reason, all applicants are subject to a full background check. In addition, applicants are interviewed with specific questions in order to make sure they are passionate about the issues or candidates involved in the project.

Rigorous Training Program: BDO prioritizes the importance of continual training. Every canvasser begins with an in-depth orientation, which includes issue education, canvassing technique, technology training and script memorization. Professional and courteous conversation skills and knowing how to make an assumptive ask are emphasized daily.

Advanced Trainings: While a solid foundation is important, our continued advanced trainings make BDO’s canvassers some of the best in the nation. BDO’s canvassers are highly trained both in the field and in a classroom about person-to-person communication. BDO’s canvass directors are in the field daily working with every staff member, from the newest employee to the most experienced canvassers.

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