Quality Outreach

Quality Outreach. Quality Results.

Black Diamond Outreach (BDO) prides itself in delivering high-quality outreach for every project we manage. Whether building support for companies and industries, providing general candidate on the ballot, providing general candidate or issue education, or leading the final push to ensure success, we work consistently through all stages of the campaign with unmatched attention to detail and professionalism. Here are some of the steps we take to go above and beyond for our clients.

Hiring Locally: Hiring locally is always a priority in order to bring an authentic community feel to the campaign. BDO has extensive experience recruiting and training new employees from within a targeted area that best benefits the campaign.

Canvasser Profile: BDO’s canvassers are well-informed with a keen sense of the importance of face-to-face conversations. BDO hires professional outreach canvassers who have door-to-door canvass experience. All of BDO’s canvassers are held to an extremely high standard with regard to communication skills and appearance.

Background Checks & Screening Process: Our clients demand high-quality communicators to deliver their messages. To meet that need, all of our applicants are subject to a full background check. In addition, applicants are interviewed using specific questions to make sure they are passionate about the issues or candidates involved in the project.

Rigorous Training Program: BDO prioritizes the importance of continual training. Every canvasser begins with an in-depth orientation which includes issue education, canvassing technique, technology training, and script memorization. Professional and courteous conversation skills and knowing how to make an assumptive ask are emphasized daily.

Advanced Trainings: While a solid foundation is important, our continued advanced trainings make BDO’s canvassers some of the best in the nation. BDO’s canvassers
are highly-trained both in the field and in a classroom about person-to-person communication. BDO’s canvass directors spend time in the field every day working with every staff member, from the newest employee to the most experienced canvassers.

Daily Reporting

Black Diamond Outreach (BDO) prides itself on keeping clients up-to-date about progress on their respective projects. A daily report is sent each morning which includes:

  • Numerical Summary: The daily numerical report the campaign receives includes shifts completed, total number of doors knocked, total conversations, statistical spreadsheets outlining any survey responses, and any numerical data concerning calls to action.
  • Notes from the Field: In every daily field report, the campaign receives details on the geographic area canvassed (often designated by voter precinct), a daily background on the canvass, questions most frequently asked by voters, and informational positive and negative comments from conversations.


BDO’s use of expanded software and handheld technology have made us pioneers in the citizen outreach industry. Every canvasser carries a handheld device that provides instantaneous data and tracking abilities. Real-time data analysis and seamless integration with the other elements of your campaign maximizes each dollar spent by the campaign.

Our clients benefit from our use of handheld technology.

  • Present photos, graphs, and videos live at the door
  • Involve your project’s websites and social media channels at the door • Collect data sent in real time to server
  • Adjust canvass locations in real time
  • Oversee the canvass team through GPS tracking and cloud service

Moonshadow: Data is only valuable if you know how to interpret it. Using Moonshadow, a state-of-the-art software platform, we can help you analyze and sort target data based on many layers of voter and demographical considerations. Target universes
can be developed using many filters, including: geography, age, sex, ethnicity,

financial standing, vote history, and political affiliation. In addition, with real-time data synchronicity, we are easily able to target and modify universes on the fly. By using Moonshadow Mobile, BDO can produce reports of target responses for individual areas, ranges of people, or the project overall, enabling you to activate targets without delay.

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