Who is on the Field Team?

Who is on the Field Team?

Black Diamond Outreach (BDO) builds out a structured canvassing and outreach team to serve each campaign we work on. Every campaign utilizes the following structure and is designed to scale as needed to fit the project.

Canvass Directors: All canvass directors are experienced in running canvass operations and are trained in leadership and reporting. They work on defined timelines and have direct access to BDO senior staff for support. Canvass Directors oversee the recruiting, hiring, and training of all canvass staff. Directors send data and anecdotal canvass reports daily to the campaign.

Assistant Canvass Directors: BDO’s assistant canvass directors are the most experienced canvassers. The assistant canvass directors are positioned to assist training new canvassers, overseeing advanced in-field training, and are the first point of contact for BDO field managers. This structure ensures that BDO’s canvass operations consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Administrative Director: All financial and data reporting from BDO’s field operations is overseen by BDO’s Administrative Director. This position also oversees all financial and pay systems for the canvassing and outreach operation. This person works closely with the canvass directors to ensure all record keeping is accurate and upholds all applicable campaign finance laws.

Field Managers: BDO takes pride in its field managers who run the day-to-day field operations. This position is so important to the success of a field campaign that we deploy one field manager for every four canvassers to ensure maximum oversight and accountability. Field managers help to train new canvassers in the field, tracking all target contact information properly, and motivate the canvassers to exceed their goals. Field managers conduct a status check mid- way through the canvass shift to ensure any concerns are addressed promptly.

Canvassers: On the front lines are the canvassers, knocking on doors each day, conveying the message of the campaign, and recording all target contact data in a manner that makes it easy to build support for your campaign. Many BDO canvassers have extensive experience canvassing on legislative races as well as canvassing for a variety of nonprofit and advocacy clients. This experience leads to high quality conversations and a great work ethic in the field. Canvassers complete daily training role-plays in the office before knocking on doors.

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